Our best-in-class software is seamlessly integrated into the industry's most advanced hardware systems.


Video Monitoring

Outdoor Video Cameras

Outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi Camera. 117° Field of View, HDR Video and Night Vision
Indoor/Outdoor Mini Bullet Camera
Outdoor Bullet Camera
Indoor/Outdoor Dome Camera
Outdoor Turret Camera
Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera
with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision
Slim Line Doorbell Camera
with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision

Indoor Video Cameras

Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Camera. 117° Field of View, HDR Video and Night Vision
Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Camera. 113° Field of View and Night Vision
180° HD Camera with Enhanced Zoom and Two-Way Audio

Stream Video Recorder

8-Channel Stream
Video Recorder
with HDMI Output

Access Point Smart Gateway
Dedicated Wi-Fi for video devices

Energy Management

Lighting & Appliance Control

Jasco Plug-in Smart Dimmer (28166, 28170)
(GE 28167 also supported)
Jasco Plug-in Smart Switch (28172, 28168)
(GE 28169 also supported)
GE / Jasco Outdoor Plug-In Smart Switch (14284/14311)
GoControl Plug-In for Appliances with Night Light (PS15EMZ5-1)
(Linear PS15Z-2 also supported)
GoControl Plug-In for Lamps with Night Light (PD300EMZ5-1)
(Linear PD300Z-2 also supported)
Evolve Plug-in Light & Appliance Module
Evolve Plug-in Dimmer Light Module

Leviton Plug-in Dimmer
with Z-Wave
Leviton Plug-in Outlet
with Z-Wave
IQ Dimmer
IQ Outlet
Evolve Duplex Wall Outlet
GE In-Wall Smart Outlet
Eaton Duplex Receptacle (RFTR9605-T)
Linear Z-Wave Single Wall Outlet

Jasco In-Wall Switch (14318)
(GE 14291 also supported)
Jasco Switch Toggle(14319, 14293)
(GE 14292 also supported)
Jasco In-Wall Dimmer (14321)
(GE 14294 also supported)
Jasco Dimmer Toggle(14322, 14296)
(GE 14295 also supported)
GoControl In-Wall Switch
GoControl In-Wall Dimmer
GoControl 3-Way Wall/Dimmer Switch
Evolve Wall Mount Accessory Switch
Evolve Wall Mount Dimmer
Evolve Wall Mount Switch
Leviton Switch
with Z-Wave
Leviton Dimmer
with Z-Wave
Eaton Wireless Switch (RF9601D)
Eaton Wireless Accessory Switch (RF9617D)
Eaton Universal Smart Dimmer (RF9640-ND)
Eaton Smart Accessory Dimmer (RF9642-ZD)

Jasco Enbrighten Smart LED Bulb
(GE 35931 also supported)
Qolsys IQ Lightbulb (QZ2110-840)

Thermostats Smart Thermostat (ADC-T3000) Smart Thermostat (ADC-T2000) Temperature Sensor
Stelpro Line Voltage Thermostat
(STZW402, Version 01.06+)
Trane Z-Wave Thermostat (TZEMT400AB32MAA)
Z-Wave Communicating Thermostat
(TBZ48D and TZ45D)
Linear Thermostat
Radio Thermostat CT110
(Z-Wave FW v10.6+ with Thermostat FW v01.01+)
Radio Thermostat CT32
(Z-Wave FW v10.6+ with Thermostat FW v01.02+)

Energy Monitoring Devices

Z-Wave Heavy Duty Smart Switch (ZW078)
Jasco Energy Metering Appliance Module
Aeotec Home Energy Meter: 2nd Edition

Garage Door Controllers

LiftMaster MyQ®
Control Panel (888LM)
LiftMaster MyQ®
Gateway (828LM)
LiftMaster MyQ®
Smart Garage Hub (821LMB)
Linear Z-Wave
Garage Controller (GD00Z)


Legrand On-Q®
Digital Audio System
Sonos Wireless
Home Sound System


Deadbolt Locks

Kwikset 888 Touchpad
(Z-Wave Plus Version)
Kwikset 910 Touchpad
(Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus Versions)
Kwikset 914 Touchpad
(Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus Versions)
Kwikset 916 Touchscreen
(Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus Versions)
Kwikset Obsidian
(Z-Wave Plus Version)
Schlage BE468
Schlage BE469
(Only models manufactured after 4/21/2014)
Yale SL Key Free Touchscreen
(YRD256 Z-Wave Plus)
Yale Pro SL Key Free Touchscreen
(YRD156 Z-Wave Plus)
Yale Touchscreen
(YRD226 Z-Wave)
Yale Push Button
(YRD216 Z-Wave)
Yale Real Living
B1L Push Button

Lever Locks

Kwikset 912 Touchpad
(Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus Versions)
Yale Key Free Touchscreen
Yale Key Free
Push Button
Yale Touchscreen
Yale Push Button
Yale Interconnected Push Button
(YRC216 Z-Wave)
Yale Interconnected Touchscreen
(YRC226 Z-Wave)
Yale Interconnected Keyless Touchscreen
(YRC256 Z-Wave)

Retrofit Locks

Danalock V3
(Z-Wave Version)
Kwikset Convert
(Z-Wave Version)

Commercial Lock

Yale NexTouch
(Pushbutton and Touchscreen Models)

Access Control

Door Controller
Two Door Controller
Single Reader Expansion Module
Two Reader Expansion Module
Door Controller & Enclosure Kit
Door Controller & Power Kit
Two Door Controller & Power Kit

Image Sensor Image Sensor
(ADC-IS-300-LP DSC, Interlogix, Qolsys, and 2GIG GC3) Image Sensor

Water & Irrigation Smart Water Valve (ADC-SWV100)
DynaQuip Water Valve (Watercop)
FortrezZ Water Valve (WV-01)
Rachio Smart
Sprinkler Controller
Rain Bird Irrigation Controller


Aeotec Range Extender 6

Security partners with best-in-class security panel providers to seamlessly integrate our Interactive Security services so you have the option to customize your system to best meet your needs. systems support a wide variety of sensors, as compatible with security panels. Some of the most common types of Sensors include:

  • Door & Window
  • Fire
  • CO
  • Glass-Break
  • Motion
  • Water/Flood
Interlogix Simon XT
Interlogix Simon XTi-5i
Interlogix Concord 4
Interlogix NetworX (NX)
DSC Impassa Panel
DSC iotega
DSC PowerSeries Neo
DSC PowerSeries Pro
2GIG Go!Control
2GIG Go!Control 3
Qolsys IQ Panel 2


Bed Sensor
Chair Sensor
Stationary Emergency Button
Qolsys Fall Detection Pendant
Numera Fall Detection Pendant
Panic Pendant